This is the week that was: Leo has left the building

It was the week a rogue trader cost the CEO of UBS his job, the Euro-zone crisis continued with the downgrading of Italy’s credit rating and one lucky fellow showed off his new thumb.  And still the wheels of B2B marketing rolled on a pace…

Sliding doors of the week…

…go to HP and the departure of CEO Leo Apotheker just a few days short of his one year anniversary with the business. HP’s stock spiked by almost 10% at the news, yet the verdict is still out as to whether HP’s fortunes will be transformed by his departure. Leo is rapidly acquiring football manager status – having also been fired in his previous role at SAP with less than a full season under his belt. With the average tenure of a chief exec now at 6.6 years, we hope Leo doesn’t go all soft on us and tone down his radical all out attacking tactics (obviously learned from good old Kevin Keegan in his managerial days).

Content marketing tip of the week

We thought it was all about giving 101% but according to the Content Marketing Institute remarkable now starts at 81%. For those who think Content Marketing is all about volume – this blog post serves as good food for thought. In short, all of your content needn’t be remarkable, but at least some of it should be. Our take on the whole content thing, if it isn’t going to be useful or interesting for your audience, don’t do it.

Infographic of the week…

…must go to Eloqua and the release of its next-generation Blog Tree infographic. It’s a celebration of ‘a very important group of bloggers. New ones.’ A veritable feast of blogs providing a whole manner of insight and analysis we think.

The Blog Tree: New Growth
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Useful statistics curator of the week

The ever helpful people at HubSpot win this one hands down with their 100 Awesome Marketing Stats, Charts and Graphs. Inbound vs Outbound Marketing, SEO and Social Media are all covered. With some revelatory facts such as ‘3 out of 4 inbound marketing channels cost less than any outbound channel’ this rich resource comes highly recommended. Okay it’s not brand spanking new but it’s bleeding useful.

100 Awesome Marketing Stats, Charts and Graphs
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Write off of the week

Believe it or not – no rogue traders involved in this one, but one organisation announced its intentions to write off £11.4bn this week. That organisation being our very own National Health Service and the much maligned National Programme for IT. Following years of delays and contractual disputes, the government decided it was finally time to pull the plug on the project. That said, the folk at still think the patient may not be dead quite yet – pointing to the fact that terminating CSC’s £3bn contract alone could cost more than seeing it through to completion. Can’t see many of the service providers, let’s call them beneficiaries of sorts, turning the whole NHS debacle into a case study soon – but we’d very much like to see them try.

Coffee break fun of the week

The ‘Draw a Stickman’ web promo for agency Hitcents is a charming way to spend your coffee break. A novel approach for an agency promo piece. We like it a lot.

That was the week that was. Here’s to another fine week in the world of b2b marketing.


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