Once the Bandwagon, Now the Band

As I boarded my first connecting flight last week for the 2011 Debt Connection Symposium, (Why can’t I find any good direct flights from Boston to Vegas?  A topic for another blog I guess), I could see that what was once a catch phrase is now reality.   Cloud solutions have not only gained popularity, but they are now prevalent.   

Companies like Apple, Google, Oracle, HP, even the federal government, are getting in on the act.  Billboards, magazine covers and articles, and television commercials are all pushing the cloud past a trend and into the mainstream.

As I walk around the convention floor I can see that the move to the cloud is under way in the Accounts Receivables world as well.  The tradeshow booth displays show the familiar fluffy white clouds on a blue background – the official uniform of cloud service providers.

What strikes me as odd; is the juxtaposition of the on-premise dialer providers selling both hosted and on-premise solutions.  The innate advantages of a hosted solution – no CAPEX, no maintenance, the quick time to value, etc – are a clear shot to the bow of on-premise solutions.  So how, in good faith, can these providers still try and sell their on-prem product?

So, What Does Hosted Really Mean?

Hosted dialer vendors such as SoundBite offer multi-tenant solutions that are truly in the cloud.  We provide a single platform that serves all of our clients on individual partitions allowing them to leverage distributed architectures to increase reliability and up-time.  This differs dramatically from a multi-instance architecture where separate software instances are set up for different organizations.  Matt Edmunds discusses this in great detail in his recent Hosted House blog post.

The next time you speak with an on-premise dialer provider – especially those hawking their own hosted offering — ask them this:  How do you sell against a cloud-based, multi-tenant architecture?


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