Should you represent your brand on Facebook?

As a Digital Marketer I like to stay abreast of what’s happening on the various social networks. Facebook and Twitter are definitely the biggest two and more than likely the most popular, with the likes of LinkedIn not too far behind. That said, most brands are realizing that they need a presence on Facebook and Twitter, but the question is, is the ROI worth while?

I read a post a day or two ago, which lists celebrities with various criteria: how many Facebook fans, how many Core fans and the % of Core Fans. To break this down a little, what we’re looking at is: How many fans on the Facebook page are engaging with the celebrities, and by engaging I mean posting to the Facebook page wall more than once. Core fans are those who are.


Here’s a table:

It’s quite scary to see that the highest percentage of Core fans on a page is 0.005% – That’s 1201 out of 21,929,021 fans engage on the wall more than once! That’s a rocking ROI.

Now, these are celebrities, more than likely unable to really engage with their fans, so people who are reading this article and just assuming the same of brands are incorrect in my opinion. Brands are very different to celebrities, celebrities aren’t going to talk back (ok, not most of them), but brands on the other hand can have ambassadors who can represent them on Facebook. What I’m getting at here is that brands who choose to venture onto Facebook and/or Twitter, are more than likely in a better position to utilize their social networks in the sense of engagement and I’d imagine we’d see far better results with actual brands.

Point in hand, Eminem has 41,531,390 fans with an engagement rate of 0.001 (575 Core fans), which is literally pointless. Pointless in the sense of engagement, but not in the sense of “brand” awareness – if Eminem is not engaging, he’s at least getting huge exposure through the social network. So, it’s not all down to engagement here, with a brand it would be far more important. On the other side, let’s look at a brand like Woolworths – Visiting the Facebook Page I can already see that Woolworths engages, have a look:

Looking at the number of fans of the Woolworths Facebook page shows 8,361 and on just the most recent status update, the engagement shows 35 likes, 10 comments and a response from Woolworths. I don’t even need to do the math comparison between ALL the fans and just one status update versus that of the conclusive stats provided above, anyone can see that the Core fans would be magnitudes better than the celebrities.

My point here is simple, Facebook is still a good place for brands to represent themselves, even if it’s simply so users can find them and ask a question. The truth of the matter is that with 740 million users on Facebook, a brand needs to be there. If everyone in the world moved to a country, shops would have to move their too, it’s the customers who control the market place.

Represent your brand on Facebook, and please, if you do, do it properly, hire a professional who can set it up for you to take advantage of search engine optimization, applications and best practices.

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