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 Your brand is the foundation of all your marketing initiatives. From the way your receptionist answers the phone to the design of you newsletter, everything your company does reflects your brand. It's critical to stay true to your brand, so it's a good idea to review everything your company is doing to ensure a consistent message is being conveyed to your audience. Take a look at the following elements of your company:


A great way to enhance brand awareness and complement your existing marketing program is to partake in cause marketing. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, cause marketing is when your company partners up with a charity or non-profit or helps out a charitable cause. This helps you get your name out there to the public all while giving back to your community. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

When you're deciding on what cause you want to endorse, there are two main things you should consider:

  1. Is the cause personal for my staff and company?

  2. What resources can I invest into the cause?

If a cause is appropriately matched with your company, then it will mean something for your team and you'll get more buy-in from your staff. If one of your employees has been impacted by a particular disease or issue, that's a a good cause to fight for. Your staff will be motivated to work towards helping out a fellow colleauge.

Many businesses avoid cause marketing because they believe it will be expensive. However, there are things such as simply promoting the cause to your customer database or handing out fundraising forms that can really make the difference for a charity.

Here is an excellent example of cause marketing. This weekend, one of our clients, HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospitals of New Jersey, is sponsoring the American Heart Association's 2011 Shoreline Heart Walk. The Walk will raise money to battle heart disease. The event makes sense for the organization: it's personal to its staff, it has local ties to the community and the HealthSouth team has fundraised and will walk this weekend in Asbury Park, NJ. If you would like to donate to the Walk, please visit www.shorelineheartwalk.org.


Heart Walk

Cause marketing is an excellent way to support others and build a better brand!

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