This is the week that was: The age of the digital bin man

Another week brings a new plethora of interesting stories to mull over and digest. While the world closed in on Gadaffi and Jeff Bezos learnt the hard way that you should not attempt to build and fly your own space rocket, here in the UK we all realised that the summer that never was is coming to end. Still – for every dark cloud in the sky there is the silver lining of B2B wisdom flying around online.

For us Marketers the drawing nights marks the start of campaign season and an interesting question – do you go with the norm and launch campaigns at the same time as everyone else, or break the trend and continue to campaign through the summer – risking your key audience being away soaking up the sun. Certainly a dilemma we have discussed in the office many times. Let us know your views. So on to business…

Sinking feeling of the week:

As the government slashes it budgets, the effects ripple across the business sector. Last week we learnt that global IT services market plummeted by 40% in the second quarter with an unheard of zero deals over $1bn being signed. It may not be all doom as gloom though – Ovum predicts that between 2010 and 2015 the industry will be back on the rise, growing by 4.4%.

Mobile revelation of the week:

We all know that mobile is on the rise, but were we really aware quite how much? Last week the National Office of Statistics released a report stating that mobile internet usage is reaching nearly 50%, up from just 31% in 2010. It should be about time businesses look how to enhance their mobile marketing strategy so they are not missing a huge proportion of the market.

Business backlash of the week:

The rise of Twitter and explosion of blogging has given a strong voice for the consumer online, shifting the power toward the buyer. There have been many stories recently of organisations slipping up through on social networks, but what about when the bloggers get it wrong – putting businesses in jeopardy. Last week the Bank of America reacted to ‘exaggerated and unwarranted’ claims from 2 bloggers, after what they wrote may have negatively affected stock prices. Bank of America says this was not a personal attack on the bloggers, but does this mark a shift in power back the other way?

B2B viral of the week:

We are not one to blow our own trumpet, but since the release of our ‘Vital Statistics for B2B Marketers’ animation we have been pleased as punch with how it has taken off. This week saw views break the 20,000 mark proving to us that if you make the content interesting and engaging, video can act as a great marketing channel for your business (even if it is a bit long!)

Gratuitous use of iPads of the week:

The bin man. Not the most glamorous of jobs right? Wrong. Well in Bury council anyway, who have decided to spend £9,000 on iPads for its fleet of refuse trucks to provide a real time (!) bin collection service.  We say innovative use of technology in any service to save money and improve efficiency should be welcomed with open arms, and anybody who says it is a waste of money is talking rubbish!

Infographic of the week:

You could create your very own infographic around the number of social media infographics being passed around from network to network. This one however, showing the rise of social media use in 2011, has some brilliant figures to add to your arsenal when pestering your CMO about how the twitter squad could do with some extra funding

New trend of the week:

We love a social media fad over here at Earnest. Planking was good fun, but didn’t quite tickle our agency funny bone. And then came along stocking….just see for yourselves and  share with all your creative chums – it may make them giggle from behind their Macs.

So there you have it – that was the week that was. Onwards and upwards.

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