How Infographics Help SEO

An infographic is a visual representation of information. Instead of writing an article or blog post that covers a lot of ground and uses enough stats and percentages to make the reader’s head spin, you can create an infographic that ties it all together in a handy dandy image.

You may be thinking, “Wait, I thought that images didn’t have SEO value because the search engines can’t read them?” Well, this is true that the search engines won’t know what your infographic is about, but your target audience will. An infographic benefits an SEO campaign because, if it’s good, it will be shared and build your link portfolio.

Web users tend to be impatient. If a page loads slower than a few seconds, they won’t bother waiting. This is why page load time is a Google ranking factor. Obviously, people want information quickly and that’s why infographics are so great. They pretty much just cut right to the chase. They are also more fun to read than a long blog post or article and tend to be very visually appealing using attractive design and graphics.

An infographic is basically link bait, which is web content that was created to attract attention and is interesting enough for people to pass on. A big part of SEO is building the number of inbound links that point to your website or webpage. Since infographics display information in a pretty package so that people can quickly grasp a concept, they will, in theory, result in lots of inbound links back to your website as more and more people share it.

Just because infographics are known as link bait, that doesn’t mean that it is guaranteed that they will be. The key is that it needs to be of good quality. Don’t think that you can just throw an image together with a couple of stats and get it to go viral. It takes a lot of hard work and research to create an infographic that is actually worth sharing. If you’re going to make one, do it right. Cover an interesting topic and make it look good. Unlike purely text content, looks matter too. If you aren’t very good at design, hire someone that is. Once you’ve created an infographic masterpiece, be sure to start sharing it in social media to get the ball rolling. Share it with the right people that will find it useful and pass it along to their contacts.

To conclude, here’s a link that we found to an amusing infographic about infographics. Enjoy!

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