How to get an iPhone app for your blog

A new service has launched called Wiziapp, which effectively allows you to turn your blog into a native iPhone application that can be searched for, found and downloaded through the App store, worldwide.

The service operates as a WordPress plugin, which requires an install, the setup of some simple config bits and pieces and that’s it.

The core features:

  1. Just ‘plugin’ and play
  2. Native user experience
  3. Available on the App Store
  4. Stats and Data

The plugin isn’t free, but it’s relatively inexpensive, here’s a breakdown:

  • Personal Blog – $19.90 monthly ($199 setup)
  • Pro Blogger – $29.90 monthly ($299 setup)
  • Enterprise – $49.90 monthly ($499 setup)

The main differences between the pages are basically how many push notifications each package provides. Another important thing is that Pro Bloggers and Enterprises are given the ability to monetize their applications.

So what this means is that you can take a blog, where you publish information and seamlessly turn it into a native iPhone application and experience the potential of a massive market.

The question is, should we be jumping at a native iPhone application or should we be using services which do the same for Android devices, which are becoming more popular than iOS ones.

What do you think?

View the service here:

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