iOS and Android market share

Everyone knows I’m a huge Apple fan (iOS fan) and I’m not ready to change that just yet, but I must admit, looking at some new stats released by Nielsen, definitely get me thinking about the future of mobile platforms and whether becoming up to scratch with Android might actually be a good idea. I’ve got an Android device that RedBull gave me, so I have played with Android a fair bit, but nothing compared to the iOS.

I think we all know deep down inside that Android was going to eat up the market. There are so many reasons why I believed this would happen and I’m not going to bore you with my opinions, but I’d rather share the facts and hope that one or two of you will leave a comment behind.


At this point in time, Android has grown from a market share of 37% in May 2011 to 40% – compared to iOS which has only grown 1% to 28% in the same period. Now, 1 or 2 percent don’t sound like much, but think about it for a second, a percentage is massive in such a powerful industry, and to gain a couple percent in a few months is quite incredible.

Image and stats via Nielson Wire.

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