The Must-Read Guide To Facebook’s New Privacy Settings

Facebook have just rolled out new privacy settings which make it much easier to share posts, tags and photos and links with exactly who you want. Facebook have simplified the privacy features and made them more straightforward by placing them inline with the content you want to share, as opposed to being on your settings page.

Facebook has also given users more control over their homepage, allowing them to choose how photos and posts get added, along with who is allowed to see them. Instead of your controls being on a distant settings page,all your controls are inline on all the categories on your profile, allowing you to choose who gets to see what.

Another useful tool that Facebook has added is Profile Tag Review, which is a new tool that can be used to accept or reject any photo or post that you’re tagged in before it’s visible to anyone else on your profile. Previously, photos and updates that were tagged would appear right away on your profile and your friends’ news feed.

There is a similar tool called Content Tag Review, which gives you the option to approve or reject any tag that someone tries to add to any photos or posts.

Keen to see how your profile looks to certain groups or lists of friends? Simple. Click on the ‘View Profile As…’ button on the top right of your profile and see how your selected friend sees your profile.

Now you can also change your mind after you post. For instance, if you’ve posted an update that you’d rather only specific people see, change it with the inline control anytime.

You can also tag anyone on Facebook in your updates and photos, instead of being friends with them. This is a great idea if you’re tagging a photograph of work mates and you’re not friends with all of them. If you’re ever tagged by someone that isn’t your friend, you’ll have the chance to reviewand approve the tag before it appears on your profile.

To much of my amusement, Facebook is phasing out their Places feature, which I’d written about in a previous blog post, and I’d mentioned that it really wasn’t a match for Foursquare. Turns out I was right, Places simply couldn’t compete. However, Facebook still allows you to add locations to your updates. It’s optional, so you can choose whether you’d like to share your location or not.

The privacy settings page has also become more streamlined and simplified, letting you control your default privacy settings.

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