Clean up your Twitter account

I came across an incredibly useful tool earlier today, Twit Cleaner, which assists you in determining who you should no longer follow or who you follow that isn’t of much use to you and so forth. The application is easy to use, you authorize your account against it, it runs some tests and sends you a DM with a link to your report. It’s important to note that the application doesn’t auto-tweet from your account!

I ran a test on the report and it showed me users that fell into the following categories: potentially dodgy behavior, repeating the same URLs, posting identical tweets, application spam. From here it goes on to grouping people in groups such as: no activity in over a month, not active yet, doesn’t interact with anyone, doesn’t follow many people.

I took the risk in trying it out and it was definitely worth it and I’ll be using it again on a more regular basis.

I recommend giving it a go and if you’re worried you can remove the authorization afterwards.





Give it a go and let me know what you think.

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