5 Tips to Keep Your Blog Active

Every business should have a blog. Unfortunately the number of successful business blogs is much less than the number of business blogs that have failed. Failure is typically the result of blog owners not dedicating enough time to the blog.

They may start out with the best of intentions but once they realize how long it takes to actually create a post, edit it, post it, share it, and monitor it they give up. The absolute worst thing to do is to set up a blog only let it sit there, inactive, for months at a time. Here are a few suggestions that will help keep your blog active over time:

Schedule It
Dedicate a part of every work day to the blog. Write it into your planner and stick to it. When things get busy the first thing to usually get tossed to the side is the blog. A business blog should be a priority, not something that you will “get around to”.

Maintain a Collection of Topic Ideas
In addition to not having enough time, another common blogging complaint is that there isn’t anything to blog about. Well, there’s plenty to blog about, you just need to do some digging. A blog can be a combination of informational and educational posts. For informational posts, cover industry and company news.

Read other industry blogs and set up Google alerts on industry topics for inspiration. Re-write press releases to share company news. For educational posts, find out what kind of information your target audience is looking for. Ask your customer service department what kinds of questions or concerns they get on a regular basis or expand upon each question on your FAQ page and provide a more in depth explanation.

Hire a Writer
While it may be free to set up a blog, it isn’t free to set up a high quality blog. If you really want it to stand out it shouldn’t just be a common WordPress template. It should be specially designed, which costs money. If you’re going to spend the money on making it pretty, you better have good content too since that’s what will really keep it going. If you aren’t a very good writer yourself or simply don’t have the time to dedicate to it, consider hiring a writer.

Think Beyond Text
A blog post doesn’t need to consist of a 300-600 word article every time. That can get boring. Switch it up and post a video that you’ve created or a presentation that you’ve uploaded to Slideshare. Introduce the video or presentation and provide a brief synopsis in order to get people to click on it.

Allow Guest Posts
While it’s important to monitor guest posts and read them and edit them to make sure that the content is in line with the brand that you have established, guest posts will still give you a slight breather. Ask others that you respect in your industry to share their knowledge on your blog. In addition, if they have a loyal following they may bring some new readers over to your blog with them.

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