A Look at Some Clever Logos

I like a good logo. People often underestimate the power of a logo and the effect it has on their business. Sometimes it’s the really simple ones that become the most recognisable. Here’s a few of my favourite ones.

This simple logo has been around for a while now but so easily sums up the fact that Amazon sell everything, the yellow arrow highlights this as it starts from A to Z forming a little smile for it’s happy customers. Simple, cute and effective.

Did you see the arrow? Did you really though? I’ll be honest, I didn’t at first and now I find myself hunting down the arrow cleverly located between the E and the X, representing the movement of pushing things forward. It’s won over 40 awards worldwide so its creator Mr Lindon Leader must be doing something right, although it took him 200 designs before he reached this point. Which goes to show good design takes time, thought and great creativity.

So it’s another game of ‘spot the hidden…’ This time, it’s a bear in the mountain because the famous triangular chocolate is made in Bern in Switzerland. Also known as the ‘City of Bears’. In addition, the mountain and shape of the chocolate itself is meant to be inspired by the Matterhorn. Brilliant.

This logo isn’t actually in use as Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle last year but it doesn’t stop it from being a good design.  Apparently it’s an ambigram, which is a graphical figure that spells out a word not just in the form it’s presented but also in a different direction.  We have Standford University Professor, Vaughan Pratt to thank for this little bit of genius.

So the reason I started thinking about all this is because of the recent ‘amend’ to the Apple logo in honour of Steve Jobs. By taking two recognisable icons and combining them it created a simple and poignant logo.  At Milton Bayer we like creating logos, just recently we worked on some for the automotive, pharmaceutical and the energy industry. If you need a new logo just get in touch and see what we can do.


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