Dominoes does £1m of online orders in a day

If anyone was still in need of evidence of the power of mobile and online commerce, Dominoes Pizza has reported a benchmark success with its online pizza ordering service, taking over £1m of pizza orders in the UK alone in one day.

The fast food chain, which implemented a series of improvements to its IT system earlier this year, is currently taking 13% of its order across mobile devices.

That’s a staggering £130,000 in mobile orders in one day based on its £1m high water mark, that’s through the company’s iPhone, Android and mobile website ordering platforms.

The company’s iPhone app processed over £1m of order in its first three months of use at the end of 2010, with sales vie the company’s website and mobile channels at the time accounting for over the third of all sales.

The firm added Ipad and Android apps to its arsenal this year, and has seemingly gone from strength to strength.

So what can we learn from Dominoes awesome mobile success?

-          Know your customer

I want a pizza not an IT lesson! This app needs to be simple, intuitive and easy to use. My phone’s GPS function will automatically find the nearest Dominoes shop for me.

-          Don’t penalise mobile users

I can access the same deals as everyone else via my app, and even play a money off voucher game via my app

-          I’m starving, how long?

Luckily, the Dominoes service lets you track the progress of your order, right to your door.

“When we launched online ordering just over a decade ago, it was a huge investment – but one that has continued to pay off, year on year,” said Chief Executive, Chris Moore.

“To put this achievement in context, 12 years ago we took £100k in online sales in a year, by 2000 we were taking £1m in a year and now we are taking £1million in a day. Now that’s progress!”

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