Where do people look on search results?

I read a fantastic post over at SEOmoz yesterday, the sort of post that is technical in terms of SEO, but not too technical that a lot of people would struggle to understand, so I wanted to write about the post here because I found it fascinating and I’m sure a lot of you will appreciate this.

So as a quick intro, what’s eye-tracking? Eye-tracking is the process of studying where people’s eyes go when they look through the results Google provides when a search is performed. What I mean by this is once a person’s performed a search on Google, we want to know where the average person looks.


As you can imagine, for SEO this is highly important and it’s an area that is often overlooked. The most important part is understanding that Google is changing – we see the Google 8 Pack, we see YouTube videos in the results, we even see products from time to time and what this has done is change the way SEO is actually used – being ranked in position 1 isn’t the be all and end all, it’s ranking on Page 1 with the correct type of listing that brings the traffic. It’ll make more sense after you’ve looked at the screens below.

This case study looks at 5 different key phrases and shows the results accordingly.

First up is a search for “best pizza in Chicago”:

Next let’s look at something more generic like “pizza”

Now let’s look at something which returns videos, “how to make a pizza”

Let’s look at an image results search, “pizza cutters”

Finally, let’s look at a specific place, “Pizza Hut”

Quite amazing to see these results, there’s so much to this! Deciding if video’s might be a good idea for your business, whether you should focus more on a local business listing or rather optimize purely for position 1.

The game’s changing and if we don’t follow closely, we’ll fall behind.

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