What Do You Love? Google Wants to Help

Yesterday, the editors over at TechCrunch were some of the first to discover the latest addition to the Google pantheon of gadgets, tool and all-around fun stuff. With little to no fanfare from Google itself, WDYL.com (What Do You Love?) made its quiet online debut.

The p[ub;ication reported,

…the idea is to return users a single page of relevant results across many of Google’s products for whatever query is typed into the wdyl search box. The “search” button is even a heart. Cute

It also reported that the best queries for WDYL are for vague, broad terms.

Being intrigued I strolled over to the new search engine (note, you have to include the www. in the address, otherwise you get an error message) and searched for something very near and dear to my heart, the Boston Red Sox.

Here are a couple screenshots of what I saw:

Talk about Red Sox overload!

On the WDYL results page, it looks like you’ll find every Google tool as it pertains to your search query. For instance, I can purchase Boston Red Sox merchandise with Product Search, call someone about the Boston Red Sox with Voice, find patents about the Boston Red Sox (really?) with Patent Search and translate Boston Red Sox into 57 languages with the help of Translate, plus just about everything else Google does.

While I can’t see WDYL turning into an actual search engine spinoff, it is a very clever way for Google to introduce their services to users that may not be aware of all that Google has to offer. Other blog and news sources seem to agree that WDYL is going to be a marketing push for Google more than anything.

If you’ve got a few minute to spare, head over to WDYL and mess around with some of your favorite search terms.

What do you think Google’s plans for WDYL are?

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