Breaking: New Google Design

Over the past decade and a bit, we’ve seen Google evolve in many ways, but something they’ve been somewhat shy about is change in terms of design, but that seems to be changing a little as of today.

Google’s announced that they’ll be rolling out some new changes across their applications including the search engine. I’m sure you’ve noticed that little cog that appears in applications at the top left of your screen, the settings menu so to say, we’ll this area and the normal links on the left are being graced with a bit of a design tweak.

As you can see below, there’s now a dark gray bar, with each of the applications having a neat little colour bar above them when they are active. I’m seeing the changes on Google Reader, but not yet on GMail or GCalendar or GDocs, etc. so I would imagine it’ll be rolled out slowly but surely.


Here’s how it looks:


Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

And for a giggle, here’s the first ever Google home page:

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