Social timing – part 1 [infographic]

Earlier today I blogged about When To Tweet?, which is a web application which connects to your Twitter account and looks at when your followers are most active, so that you have an idea when it’s best to send out a tweet if you’re looking for people to see it or interact with you. Really useful if you’re a marketer.

Twitter’s not the only place that has a science around timing, in fact, all social networks are like this and it’s nothing new to anything we know about. Just think about shops, they operate from 8-5 because that’s when most people are going to visit them, the same applies to social networks and the understanding behind timing. You’ve heard it before, “timing is everything”.


Today we’re looking at part 1 of a series called, “The Science of Social Timing” and it’s for us to learn from, so enjoy:


Science of Social Timing

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