Google’s Me on the Web Online Reputation Management tool

Managing your identity online has become more and more important as social networks have allowed us to publish all sorts of information really easy. A lot of people aren’t aware at just how much of their information is entering the network and it’s not their fault! Google crawls most things online, in fact, literally anything it can find that hasn’t told it not to. With content being king, and especially refresh content, Google indexes million of items from social networks and this is where all our information is stored!

Online Reputation Management (ORM) tools are already available on the web and some of them do a really good job, take a look at just Google Alerts for example, Google Alerts allows you to enter in a phrase, let’s say “Christopher Mills” and then each time Christopher Mills is mentioned on the Internet (provided Google has managed to find it), I would receive an email linking me to where I was mentioned. This is just a tiny little tool, Google’s new ORM tool (called Me on the Web) is going to give us far more control and in my opinion, this is only the start.


Accessing the tool can be done by visiting the Google Dashboard and looking beneath your Account details – you will need to be logged into Google to see this.


Google's new ORM tool

Google's new ORM tool

The Tool provides three main sections:

  1. How to manage your online identity
  2. How to remove unwanted content
  3. About Me on the Web

Right now there’s isn’t too much in terms of functionality, and it’s more about information about managing your online identity, but I doubt it will take long before Google integrate it with other services, think Analytics for yourself or something to that nature.

I’m excited to see where they go with this, because it’s extremely important that we understand what information of ours is available online.

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