Lots of hacking going on..

Remember Hackers 1, yes, the movie? Of course you do, how could you forget Angelina Jolie, neon clothing and rollerblades? Well, that’s the problem, the focus was on the cool stuff and not really the hacking, that was until Hackers 2 was released, things got a little more serious, but all in all, people never take hacking seriously and always figure it’s some pimply 16yr old who doesn’t have a life – shame on you.

Never the less, with the world going more and more digital, so will we start to see hacking being taken more and more seriously, mark my words. So, for those of you interested in the world of hacking, here are some really cool reads:

There are tons of other hacking related stories floating around, but these 5 seemed to be the best and widest. If you’ve read a hacking story lately, please feel free to pop it into the comments below, I’d love to have a read.

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