AoM's This Week in Mobile - Open Mobile Summit

This week’s roundup of the mobile world is going to take a slightly different angle as Harlan Davis, AoM Commercial Director, and I spent two hectic but informative days in London at the Open Mobile Summit.

From the outset this event looked to be crammed with industry experts and speakers and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

We take a look at some of the highlights…

eBay Mobile – Most Advanced Mobile Strategy

Possibly one of the nicest people we have ever met! Yankovich outlined some fascinating stats … 1 transaction is made via eBay Mobile per second … per second! eBay also sell 1 car every 5 minutes; meaning 10 cars were sold during Yankovich’s talk!

Described by a Forrester analyst as having ‘the most advanced mobile strategy in the world’, eBay is certainly the one to watch for how to provide a fully integrated, user friendly mobile practices.

Future Apps To Be Location Based

Kevin Lynch, Abode, demonstrated a great little idea for future apps based on locations. When a person walks into, say a museum, they will get the opportunity to download an app for that location which includes details on displays and exhibits.

Lynch stated “There’s a strong future for us with this social- and location-based kind of computing enabled by mobile”

Whilst this technology is on the brink of absolute coolness, its not a million years away from current technology: we will easily be seeing location based apps, automatically enriching our everyday experiences, in the next year …

Elop: ‘rumours about Nokia’s acquisition are baseless’

We, and the rest of the audience, were eagerly awaiting Elop’s talk; what would he mention about Nokia’s recent shakeup? Would he talk about the ‘Moika’ alliance?

One thing he was keen to point out was that Nokia is not for sale … despite rumours of interest from both Samsung and Microsoft.

The future of Nokia, according to Elop, will revolved around creating a third smartphone ecosystem; competing with Apple and Android’s operating systems. He stated Nokia designers are already devising new designs for devices due for release in autumn; running on the Window’s Phone OS, ‘Mango’.

Elop went on to question the openness of Android … stating that the flaps on Android box are currently open but ‘it is not clear how open they will be in the future’. Perhaps true, but surely not words of wisdom coming from the CEO of a company currently going through a massive upheaval…?

Apple were also in the firing line with Elop stating that Apple were more or less responsible for creating Android by bringing such as closed system to market; thus leaving room for an open system.

We will be watching Nokia’s moves closely over the next quarter…

Top Tweets From #openmobile

“Apple running out of room for growth at the top of the market, likely to launch mid-tier device by end 2012. #openmobile” – jimmylemas

“FT’s Rob Grimshaw: We may see more than half of our digital consumption come from mobile devices within three years #openmobile” – ronan_shields

“Elop: Nokia’s adding 140k new registered users every day who download 6m million items from our store every day. #openmobile” – @ingridlunden

“ has just hired one person to look at mobile editorial specifically #openmobile” – @ronan_shields

“Nearly 6 Millions downloads from Ovi Store each day & It’s growing fast!” – @selop

“Apple created Android, or at least they created the environment to allow Android to happen” Stephen Elop” – @lifeisbetteron

“Elop’s key success factors for Nok & WP7: delight users, build & broaden ecosystem, support operators & build dev community #openmobile” – @benwood

“#openmobile Yankovich from #eBay loves my favourite app, Addison Lee. Quality doesn’t have to be complicated. check it out” – @HarlanDavisAoM

“Dan and David have drawn 132 phones so far at #openmobile” – @scriberian

“Est Moto Xoom sold 100,000 in 1Q11 #richardwindsor #openmobile” –  @charlesarthur

“Apps near you” nice location-based discoverability concept from #adobe – Kevin Lynch at #openmobile” – @thomas_thinks

#openmobile @selop it’s more important we compete with Android than Samsung or HTC” – @peter_swain:

Something we have never seen before … @fjord did a live drawing of the Open Mobile Summit talks …

Open Mobile Summit - Live Drawing

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