This Week in Mobile

This week we had an additional Week In Mobile which focussed around the Open Mobile Summit which we attended, (read our thoughts here) however some pretty interesting things happened throughout the week…

WWDC 2011 sounded a lot a like a Military Taps

WWDC11 was one of the more interesting iOS launches yet … not for sexy hardware or ground breaking revelations (although iCloud is going to change everything … again) but the sheer amount of developers Apple managed to sideline.  The main losers seem to be online / cross machine storage, photo editing, todo lists and offline readers.

So I for one would like to say a big thank you to Dropbox, Camera+, Remember the Milk and Read it Later (amongst others).  I hope your place in history isn’t just as the innovators that got it right, but also as companies who managed to survive the cull of 2011.

Apple find the copy/paste button

iOS notifications have long been a bugbear of most Apple product designers … clunky, overly simplistic but every app wants them.  Fortunately, iOS5 should change that with an all singing, all dancing new notification centre.

The only problem is, its fairly similar / almost identical to the Android notification centre both in look and feel and in terms of functionality.  I for one can’t remember the last time Apple / iOS copied another platform and hope its not a running theme that’s going to develop.  Apple have always stood for user centric innovation and R&D … surely they could have come up with something more “Apple”?

Samsung Don’t buy Nokia

I wrote last week that Microsoft didn’t buy Nokia so thought I’d let you know that this week Samsung didn’t buy them either!

Whilst its bordering on comical now, it does highlight the issue Nokia face: how can Elop and co keep the wolves at bay for a few more months so they can get WP7 handsets to the market?  Each rumour hits the share price again, sending it into a perpetual tailspin that devalues the stock faster and faster (thus lining up a devalued stock to fuel the next rumour!)

Resistance is Futile!

Motorola have just announced their new offering, the Atrix! (cue applause and raucous whistling)

For those who haven’t yet seen it, the Atrix is a mobile phone that plugs into a port to turn it into a laptop.

I could be wrong, it maybe great … but what are they thinking?  The world is moving into tablet computing, gesture based interfaces, contactless payments whilst Motorola are delivering a docking station that regresses your phone to a laptop.

These guys brought the world the Motorola flare (my very first mobile phone), the razr and the pebl … I kind of expected more.

Mighty Birds Laying Counterfeit Eggs

Not so much news, but an interesting line at Open Mobile Summit made me chuckle.  The “mighty eagle” was reeling off some statistics about Angry Birds and stated that they are currently the third most counterfeited brand in China … and their goal is to be first.

What a classic line and a great mantra to live by.

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