How to beat your biggest competitors

If you have ever wondered how your small or medium sized business can compete against the big guys, here’s a tip!

You have to start by understanding that a small business is not simply a scaled down version of a big business.

There are some important differences.  For example, big businesses are run my committees.  Small businesses are run by people.  The marketplace finds it easier to connect with people, than with committees.  Go and connect on a more personal level with your marketplace.

Big businesses are also notoriously slow to change.  Small businesses can change as soon as change is required.  If you get a great idea, which you want to implement, go and implement it.

Your opportunity as a small business owner, is to play to your strengths.

If you just offer a scaled down version of what big businesses offer, you can’t compete.  However, use your advantages fully and you can develop something of value, which the big guys can’t touch.

Photo: Spodeworld

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