Embedded ad sitelinks now appearing within Google AdWords PPC ads

Today Google has introduced a new feature of Ad Sitelinks - embedded ad sitelinks - which brings targeted links to within the advert itself. e.g...

How does it work? There are no additional lines available for the ad text. Alternatively, text in your advert that exactly matches one or more of your existing sitelink extensions in that campaign will automatically be linked with that sitelink’s URL. Allowing potential visitors to pick part of the advert that applies to their interest and visit the most specific page. 

As always, there are restrictions on when and where these extensions can be shown. First of all, you must have active sitelinks within your chosen campaign and your advert must appear above the search results. However, the embedded sitelinks will only appear for adverts that do not meet one or more of the requirements for the traditional set up – details here.

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