Why an SEO Client Needs to be a Team Player

The relationship between an SEO agency or consultant and a client needs to be viewed as a partnership. An SEO client can’t sign a contract and then disappear for 6 months. It doesn’t work like that. It’s important for the client to communicate with the SEO specialist on a regular basis and at least once a month. The client plays a vital role in the development and execution of an SEO campaign and needs to be involved throughout the process in order to generate the best results. Why, you ask? Because we aren’t know-it-alls and any SEO specialist that claims to be is a fraud.

Unless you hire an in house SEO specialist, there is no way that your SEO partner will know all of the internal workings of your company. Are you launching a new product, updating your website, or changing your brand image? We need to be in the loop as all of these changes affect an SEO campaign. The campaign will need to be tweaked, and in some cases might need to be started again from scratch. For example, if you are changing your brand, that will most likely result in different keywords that need to be targeted.

A big part of SEO is content marketing which includes writing articles, sharing videos, distributing press releases, etc. These materials need to be provided by the client every month or every other month for link building activities. A good SEO company should have writers on staff that can assist with development, but it’s hard if the client is in a highly technical or niche industry. SEO companies hire marketers; they don’t have a background in the legal or medical or bio industries. It’s all about the quality of the content, and it needs to be created by the client who has the knowledge.

Feedback is also extremely important. We can research your industry, but you are the expert. Speak up. Are there any niche social networking sites that we should know about and include in the link building strategy? Are there certain link building tactics that we suggested that you just aren’t comfortable with because it isn’t the right place for your brand? In some cases, we don’t know. If the client has any ideas, they are always welcome and worth discussing. After all, you know your target audience best.

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