The Future of Gaming Just Arrived

The Future of Gaming Just Arrived

With games being the single largest app store pull, it’s obvious that it is a key area for Handsets and Platforms to focus on.

The OnLive service is a radically different approach. Instead of spending months coding and releasing a new game that can run on your phone / tablet, OnLive runs games remotely on big pieces of tin and “stream” them down to you.

It sounds like it should be flaky, slow and cumbersome … but in reality its slick, fast and a joy to behold.

With Sony announcing the entire PS1 game library about to hit their tablets (find a link and product name) and iOS soon to hit iPhone5, the games arena should be very interesting as a differentiator.

Now lets see if Apple can announce a console at E3 (find a link) :)

Microsoft don’t buy Nokia

Within a day we heard Microsoft were to buy Nokia ($19 billion) and that the entire thing was fabricated. Interestingly though, the rumour was only denied by Nokia (although Microsoft are famous for not being overly forthcoming in this area).

I’m definitely not a financial market specialist, but I can’t fully understand how the market can be so down on Nokia. 485 million handsets shipped last year, the major player in a number of territories & a deal with Microsoft about to bear fruit … can’t we give them 6 months to prove whether the new strategy is a winner?

That being said, I’m seriously planning buying Nokia stock (link stock to FTSE) … it seems a cheap way to acquire Microsoft shares!
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Workaholic? You can now iWork on your iPhone

The osx iWork package is a joy to use for 99% of the cases I need to turn out a document and the iPad version is pretty slick as well.

But Apple want to take that a step further … iWork on my iPhone!

I haven’t used it yet and Apple hit the sweetspot of usability on everything they release, but I for one can’t see this being the greatest Apple moment.

When I got my first iPad I remember people asking me “isn’t the iPad just a big iPhone?” my stock reply was as follows: “No. When you get an iPad, you realise your iPhone is just a small iPad”. This line seems particularly true for iWorks as I can’t see how I can use a word processor and spreadhseet on a phone with any great success.

Still … Apple tend not to release something until they have it right (copy paste anyone?), so perhaps they’ve once again nailed the impossible!

Is it a phone? Is it a tablet? No, its PadFone!

In one of the more comedic product launches ever seen, Asus masked what is potentially an innovative product.

If you can stop chuckling for 30 seconds, you may realise that the PadFone proves that there is still space for innovation within the mobile market. This could be a defining moment in tablet history as (combined with the Sony S2) it proves that new approaches are still possible and you don’t have to copy the iPad to release a tablet.

Will it take off? Probably not. Will it rival the iPad2? Almost definitely no. Why? The iPad2 is still the rockstar in the room. Does it matter? No … this product’s place in the history books isn’t as a iPad killer, but as the product that reminded everyone that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

The launch is a must watch … both for aspiring standups and as tech innovation!


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