Awesome Augmented Reality app from VW

As the months go by, I hear more and more about augmented reality. I have to admit, I thought the uptake would have been far quicker and perhaps I’ve missed a lot of things, but it’s definitely not as popular as I had expected.

There are some really awesome ideas already, but very few of them, to me, hold great value. Well, that was until I saw this application from VW and although it doesn’t hold great value in the great sense of things, it certainly holds huge value in terms of marketing for VW.

The VW augmented application, which works on the iPad 2, iPhone and Android devices allows you to aim your device at their new cabriolet and the application allows you to explore the car. On top of this, you can change the colour of the car with the application and even take a photograph of yourself inside of it.


Quite an awesome innovation, it will be awesome if VW share their market penetration once this spreads.

Here’s a video:

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