This is the week that was: Lucky number 7

In a week in which Rupert Murdoch was cruelly pied in the face whilst being questioned by a panel of MPs and England started their summer cricket campaign against the might of India, here at Earnest we were celebrating the lucky number 7.

Over the last 7 months , we have pitched for 7 new clients and won 7 fantastic new projects to work on. From social media strategies for RM, to global branding projects for RBC Dexia over in Canada, to creating and releasing a new viral for Computer Active, it’s all go in Earnest towers.

Like the Hogwarts express the world of B2B steamed on with us. Here is our take on the last 7 days.

Viral of the week:

It may be old but it is still one of our favourites. This shows that a B2B viral does not have to be as dry as a biscuit and can rank up a surprising number of views on YouTube. A pointer from us here at Earnest…you may want to watch it twice.

Infographic of the week:

A Google report released earlier this year said that we are now spending 9% more time interacting through smartphone apps than we are spending on the internet on our mobiles and PCs…put together. It is thought that the up and coming ‘M generation’ will by-pass the internet completely, and function online solely through apps. This infographic gives an overview of the app market today, and it really is quite breathtaking.

App of the week:

It may not be strictly B2B but it is far too cool to miss. Taking an inspiration from an app that allows you to run a bath to be ready and waiting for you when you get home from work, developments have now been made which mean you can control everything in your home from your iPad (if you have the tip top technology installed that is). Is the future quite literally in your hands?

Creative inspiration of the week:

The creative folk here at Earnest know some good typesetting when they see it. Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, a billionaire sheikh from Abu Dhabi certainly past the Earnest test with this lavish display of self endulgance. ‘The tracking and kerning is actually pretty good considering‘ apparantly.

Business threat of the week:

The likes of ‘Annonymous’ and ‘Lulzsec’ have been causing havock online over the past few months. From shutting down Sony’s online systems, to announcing Obama’s death on Fox news, these groups are the newest, and most feared security threat companies are facing today. B2B companies are not getting off scot free either. Earlier this week Booz Allen came under threat from ‘sock puppeting’ – hackers spreading misinformation about the company through social networks…receiving a cheeky invoice for ‘security audit’ from the hacking group.

Moment in the spot light of the week:

Last week our social media strategy top tips made it into the Guardian, hoping to shed some light on how to make sure you are found online if you are a small start up business. A great PR opportunity from the guys at Rostrum Comms.

Quite a week. That was our week that was. We hope yours was a good one.

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