Anonymous hacker group takes stab at Google+ reported today that hacker/cracker group Anonymous have decided to launch their own social network after Google banned their presence on Google+. The ban came after the group violated Community Standards.

The social network is said to be called AnonPlus (lol) and they’ve got a bit of a website up, but it’s not much so we’ll have to keep our eyes on it to see what they do.

I think it will be interesting, a lot of the members of the Anonymous movement are highly intelligent and some of the programmers have amazing skills (and let’s not forget that there are amazing designers aboard too). That said, I have no doubt that they’ll be able to put something amazing together if they really wanted to.

Right now their aim will be to spite Google+ simply because of the domain name they’ve chosen – – I don’t think that is the right move from them, but there are a lot of people who would want to rebel, so that could result in a large following, so we’ll just have to see what their goals are and what they’ll come up with.

Here’s what they have at the moment:

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