10 Quick Google+ Tips and Tricks

With Google+ invites being distributed more freely, it’s really awesome to see more people joining in. One of the most important factors of a social network is that it gets adopted and used by all your friends and the people you like to follow and stay connected to.

The awesome thing about Google+ is that you can add anyone that’s on the network to one of your Circles and follow them. Another bonus is that they will never know which Circle they’re in, potentially saving users from insulting each other. In fact, Circles is what Facebook lists should have been. Instead of going through endless lists of ‘friends’ and putting them onto lists, it’s simply a case of dragging and dropping people into the appropriate circles and they’ll be none the wiser.


I’ve found adoption to be slow among my friends though, but all of us geeks out there were quick to try get an invite before Google+ went mainstream.

Without further ado, here are 10 quick tips to make the most of your Google+ experience:

  1. You can style your text in your updates and comments. Putting your word between asterisks like *this* gives you bold text like this. Putting your word between two underscores like _this_ puts your text in italics like this. Adding a dash to the beginning and end of your word gives you a strikethrough effect like this.
  2. You can mention people in posts and comments by adding an @ or + before their name, as in @John Smith or +John Smith.
  3. You can easily add photos, videos and links by simply dragging and dropping them into the share box.
  4. As mentioned above, you can follow someone by adding them to a Circle, without them having to follow you back.
  5. Google+ offers you editing options for your posts. Click on the little drop down button on the top right of your post and you’re given the option to edit, delete or link to your post, along with options to disable comments and resharing.
  6. You can also ‘save’ your favourite Google+ posts. You can do this by creating an empty Circle and naming it *Bookmarks. The asterisk makes this the top Circle. Then share your posts with that Circle. You can edit these posts anytime and share them with your Circles.
  7. You can easily choose which Circle’s stream you’d like to follow by clicking the relevant stream in the Stream column in the left sidebar. Easy one-click filtering.
  8. Choosing who to share your updates with is also pretty easy. By default you’ll be sharing with your Friends Circle, but you can change that to only certain Circles, your extended Circles, or if you really want to, you can make your updates Public, which everyone will see.
  9. You can send people direct or private messages by only sharing a post with them and also by disabling resharing.
  10. Surplus is an awesome little Google Chrome extension that gives you Google+ integration across all sites in your browser. This means that no matter what site you’re on, Google+ functionality and notifications are always at hand.

Do you have any other Google+ tips or tricks I may have missed? Please share in the comments.

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