Is Your SEO Content Royal Enough?

Yes, we all know that content is king. However, for SEO purposes, the only content that is mighty enough to be called “King” is content that is also keyword rich.

Here are 3 tips to creating SEO content royalty:

Conduct SEO Keyword Research
People use search engines every day to find products, services, and information. They search using keywords or keyword phrases. In order to show up in a search result, your website (and web presence overall) needs to be optimized for these keywords. In order to determine how your target audience is searching, you will need to conduct keyword research. This is done by thoroughly reading and analyzing the content on each page of your website and determining what keywords are relevant to each page. Next, insert these keywords into a keyword research tool which will generate a report of related keywords and provide search volume information. It’s very important to choose the right keywords that match user intent and will generate traffic. The keywords that you choose are the foundation of an SEO campaign, and choosing the wrong keywords can result in a campaign that is doomed from the start.

Incorporate Keywords Naturally Into Website Content
Your website should be the “bread and butter” of your online marketing strategy. This means that the SEO needs to be tight. After conducting keyword research, choose two to five targeted keywords for each page and create unique page meta titles, descriptions, and H1 tags for every page. Next, read through the content on each page and see where you can incorporate the keywords that you are targeting on that page naturally. It’s always important to keep your target audience in mind, and your target audience is not the search engine spiders. The goal is to create content that attracts the attention of the search engine spiders without detracting the attention of your visitors. This means, don’t be spammy and go overboard with the keywords.

Think Quantity
When it comes to content, quality is by far superior to quantity. However, this doesn’t mean that you can optimize your website and wait for an influx of traffic. It doesn’t work that way. Optimizing the content on your website is only step 1. Step 2 is distributing keyword rich content across the web. The more that there is, the better the chances are of the search engines finding you, and once the search engines find you, your target audience will surely follow. Additional ways to produce keyword rich content across the web include tactics such as article marketing and document sharing, press release distribution, social networking, and blogging.

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