How to import your Facebook friends into Google+

I remember when LinkedIn added functionality allowing you to invite your contacts from all over the place. This certainly played a huge role in the success that LinkedIn has gained, as in my opinion, success is determined by engagement on social networks, which boils down to having lots of connected people.

Google+ is no different, the more people and the more interaction, the more success and it would appear that others feel the same way. Mohamed Mansour is a developer who’s created a Chrome extension/addon for Facebook which assists with the extraction of information from Facebook and assists with the process of then importing the information into Google+


You can download the add-on here:

As you can imagine, Facebook’s not going to like this at all, and it’ll be interesting to see if they try to block it. Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook founder, has been playing around on Google+ recently, perhaps he’s anxious? Perhaps he’s looking for ideas? Right now we don’t know, but I’m sure the two giants, Facebook & Google, are going to bump heads soon!

Mansour said, “I am scraping my own data that my Facebook friends allowed me to use and view. Facebook doesn’t own my friends. I want my friends to be in a place that is easily accessible, extractable, and shareable. And if that results a ban/expulsion/termination, so be it.”

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