Why move from Facebook to Google+?

I came across an incredibly interesting post outlining reasons why you should move to Google+ from Facebook. I’ve been waiting for these types of posts for a couple days now and am thrilled to see then popping up.

I’ve been using Google+ for a while, but can’t say that I really have my mind around it, like I do Facebook, but I can see potential.

Anyway, here are the nine reasons as well as a link to the original website if you want a breakdown:


  1. Integration with Google Services
  2. Better Friend Management
  3. Better Mobile App
  4. Easier to Find Stuff to Share
  5. You can get your Data Back
  6. Better Photo Tagging
  7. Strong Group Chat Features
  8. Safer Content Sharing
  9. Better Steward of your Personal Data

I do love the way circles work over Friends Lists, and the chat features are useful, but I can also think of a number of reasons to stick with Facebook.

Here’s the original source: PCWorld

What are your thoughts?

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