The Marriage of Social Influence and Shopping

Online influence is a very powerful force and when you got it, boy you got it. Influence online is probably one of the more important goals for a business looking to really tackle the social media space. Being influential online means your business voice can carry a great deal of weight.

High profile bloggers tend to have a lot of online influence because people who follow them really take to heart what they have to say. The same goes with brands that have a following. One prime example of online influence is Apple.

Now I understand that not everyone can be like Apple which is one of the world’s most powerful brands but their approach can be studied in order to understand how their influence and power has worked for them over the years.

The folks over at M Booth & Beyond have put together this great infographic to better understand the behaviors of social shopping and how influence plays a strong role in those purchases. Social shopping is something that has changed the way business is conducted and for those who still think social media is a fad, you have missed the boat.

Social Sharing Infographic

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