Mobile advertising ignored by 86% of smartphone users

Around 86% of smartphone users do not like mobile advertising and choose to ignore it on their devices.

A study published by research agency YouGov has found that 40% of people in the UK own smartphones, with the percentage due to increase to 68% at the next upgrade cycle.

Despite the growing number of smartphone ownership, 79% of people find advertisements irritating when shown on the device.

The report explained that ‘for brand marketers it’s clear that, when engaging with consumers through mobile, this is the type of interaction that provides the real opportunity – not advertising.’

The study, focusing on consumer behaviour predictions in 2012, explains how marketers should use interactive experiences, including QR codes and incentives, to engage with their consumers.

YouGov also looked at Smart TV ownership, of which only 15 % of people said they will own one during the next year. However, the increasing number of services available and key events occurring in 2012 could result in a boost of sales.

Dan Brilot, Media Consulting Director at YouGov, said: "Smart content producers must continue to develop their services to make it increasingly easier for people to watch what they want, when they want, wherever they want."

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