The Importance of Monitoring an Online Reputation

Nobody blindly hires a services company or purchases a product these days. Before spending any money consumers want to know who or what they are dealing with. So, what’s the first thing they do before doing business with your company? That’s right, they Google you.

If they see anything negative they will be hesitant to spend their money on your product or service. For this reason, businesses need to be proactive when it comes to their online reputation and hire an online reputation management company to step in if things are looking bad.

If there are any issues arising online, the first step is to really take a good look at what the cause of negative comments are. What is wrong with the business or organization? What are people complaining about? The negative image online will never go away until the problem itself goes away.

Before working to improve your image, it’s necessary to fix the actual problem. If the problem is ignored, it will only continue to feed the negative search results and brand image that is growing online. There is obviously a difference between one or two unhappy people and lots of negative comments. If the quantity is there, don’t just put a band aid on it, actually fix the problem.

Only once you’ve determined that there is a problem and have taken steps to eliminate it, is it time to work on improving a brand image. There are two primary options to choose from. It can either be handled in house or you can hire an online reputation management firm. Either way, what needs to be understood is that improving a poor brand image online is no easy task.

An online reputation management campaign is like an SEO link building campaign. Negative search results won’t disappear. All that you can do is work towards minimizing their visibility by creating positive content that will eventually outrank and out shadow the negative content.

This content includes social media posts, press releases, articles, blog posts, and more. In addition, it’s advisable to create microsites in order to build up additional positive real estate that will rank in the search engines. Obviously, this is not an easy process and won’t happen overnight.

While mistakes are bound to happen on occasion, it’s important as a business and website owner to do all that you can to avoid them. Monitor your brand online by setting up alerts and tracking social media on a regular basis. Be proactive and develop a strategy so that if an issue arises you will know how to handle it.

Timing is important. Many times, all that people are looking for when they complain is a response. It’s very possible to nip a problem in the bud before it gets out of hand. It’s when an issue is repeatedly ignored that bigger problems and a negative reputation develop.

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