5 principles behind your brand’s mobile strategy

By Peter Swain, CEO, AlwaysOnMessage

‘When are we going mobile?’ - with the phenomenal growth of mobile this is one of the key challenges facing marketeers of global brands around the world, but where do you start?

As CEO of one of the UK’s leading mobile agencies, I’m constantly asked how brands should go mobile and there isn’t one answer. Developing an app is not as simple as just ‘sticking some code together and making it look pretty’. For mobile to be successful, a strategy needs to be roadmapped...

1. When to go Mobile

‘Mobile apps’ - buzzwords of 2011, but this doesn’t mean your brand needs to jump in straight away. Timing is key. Sit with your team and work out a roadmap. At this point getting advice from experts at a mobile agency is highly recommended. After all, the advice of a team of people who live and breathe mobile is invaluable.

2. Going Mobile for the Sake of Going Mobile

This is closely related to point one; sticking up an app just so your brand is on the app store could do more harm than good. The app markets are a competitive place and consumers demand the highest quality; any branded app that hasn’t been thought through, designed to the highest levels and contains sleek, user-lead functionality, will be harshly judged and could damage a brand’s reputation.

3. Which App Category to go for

Start with the question - what do you want from your app?

Increased customer engagement? Tapping into a new demographic? The launch of a new product line? Don’t think that you have to stick to traditional verticals or just display data to your audience. The joy of mobile apps is the fact they are diverse and enable you to think outside the box. Create a game; play with augmented reality, give your customers a chance to interact with your brand. 

4. Know your Audience

Who will be downloading your app? Understand your target audiences and existing demographics - what do they want? What past marketing campaigns have they warmed to? How will you increase interest in the brand amongst new audiences?

Also take into consideration what platform your audience uses. Do not think that the only platform out there is iOS. Engagement levels amongst other platforms is increasing.

5. Keep the Momentum Going

A successful mobile strategy doesn’t end once your app hits the store. Integrate the app into your overall marketing strategy; promote it via your social media channels, talk about it when you send out press releases, have a dedicated page on your website giving customers more information. Constantly evaluate your app, review the results, reply to user comments and evolve the app if needed. 

There are many shelves in the app stores filled with apps that have been developed and forgotten. Don’t allow your brands app to fade into the background.

For further information on creating a ground breaking mobile strategy for your brand, tweet @alwayonmessage or @peter_swain.

Peter Swain is the CEO of mobile agency AlwaysOnMessage, whose portfolio includes the likes of the Department of Health, Universal, The Economist, Endemol and the BBC. The agency works closely with brands to establish and evolve their mobile roadmaps. Peter is a regular speaker at leading events such as Apps World, Planet of the Apps and ForumOxford.

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