How to Deal With a Cranky Commenter

We all know the importance of inbound marketing techniques and creating content that will educate target audience members. Blog posts, guest blog posts, articles, and video marketing can help build a brand and establish an individual or company as a thought leader in a particular industry.

Given that the Internet has become a social place, the majority of inbound marketing content serves to initiate a conversation in the comments section or on social media properties. While the majority of communication is positive and constructive and enhances the quality of the original content, there is always the risk of getting a few negative comments in there too. Here’s how to deal with them:

Think Twice Before Replying
If you’ve spent a lot of time crafting what you believe to be an excellent piece of content that serves as a valuable resource it can really make your blood boil when someone leaves a comment that says that you are wrong. There’s a difference between constructive criticism that states an opposing case and being downright nasty about doing so. It’s our human instinct to get defensive and argue right back immediately but don’t do that! Instead, simmer down a bit and think about the best way to tackle the issue.

Be Positive
No matter how angry or annoyed you may be, keep the conversation in your control by remaining positive. Don’t ignore the comment. Instead, thank the commenter for their time in a polite manner and explain your case. Sometimes they were simply hoping to get a rise out of you. While they may come back with more nasty comments, it’s more likely that they will simply drop it.

Avoid a Reputation Issue
If you make an emotional decision without thinking it through and find yourself in a heated discussion, it can spin out of control and potentially result in a reputation issue. You never know who may stumble upon the grouchy exchange. You don’t want to earn a reputation as “that angry content writer”. Keep things positive at all times.

Move On
It’s going to happen. Not everybody is going to love you and some may be outspoken regarding that fact. That doesn’t mean that you should be fearful when creating content, censor what you write, or try and please everyone. That’s boring. Don’t let a few cranky people get you down.

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