Stagger Social Posts for Maximum Exposure

There is a right way and a wrong way to use social media for business. Unfortunately too many companies think that “doing social media” means creating profiles on the big networks, and posting a few links whenever they feel like it. That is the wrong way.

If you want to use social media correctly to build a brand, communicate with target audience members, and improve SEO efforts, it’s necessary to have a strategy and goals in place.

One important goal should be to get your social content Liked, Shared, +1’d, and Re-Tweeted by others. This will improve brand visibility, expand your reach in social media, build your own followers, and improve your social signals which have an impact on search engine ranking.

Of course, in order to get your social content shared by your followers, it first has to be seen by them. One of the biggest frustrations about using social media as a marketing tool is that there is a lot of noise. You are competing with other brands and friends, family, co-workers, and other acquaintances of your followers for their attention.

Even those that use social media the most frequently only have so much time and don’t pay attention to every post that crosses their path. For this reason it’s important to consider timing when posting social media content and stagger social media posts.

The best time to post social media content really depends on your target audience so it’s important to understand their usage behavior. While it makes sense to hit a 9-5er with your marketing message right when they boot up their computer or while they are browsing their social pages on their lunch break, these times don’t make sense if you are targeting a college crowd or people that work nights because it’s likely that they are still fast asleep.

You also need to consider the location of your target audience members. If you target a national audience or an international audience obviously the best time in one area isn’t the best in another.

Therefore, it’s important to post content more than once a day in order to ensure that it is viewed by a larger amount of people. If you only post first thing in the morning, that post will never be seen by someone that only checks their account at lunchtime because their feed has filled up with other posts. Many people follow hundreds, if not thousands of accounts.

When posting more than once, it’s important to switch it up. Don’t post the same link over and over again, that will only be annoying to those that do see all of your posts! It’s all about finding the right balance that will be most effective.

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