LinkedIn discussion of the week: Mobile app or mobile website?

LinkedIn discussion of the week: Mobile app or mobile website?
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An article from our sister site Apps Tech, sparked a great debate in the Interactive and Digital Media discussion space last month. The article was a really simple list of bullets covering the pros and cons of each.

In the group, it kicked off a nice discussion:

“It always amazes me how many organisations create an Apple App and think they have conquered the world,” wrote Ian Lufkin, who came down firmly on the mobile website camp. “You can achieve as much with websites as you can with apps and there are an awful lot of feature phones out there from the likes of Samsung and Nokia; despite the Apples and HTC’s of the world telling you otherwise.”

“If you only go with Mobile website, you might not be able to access native features of phone,” wrote Harshal Kharod. “Same if you go with Mobile App, you would not reach people who are not living on platform of your choice.”

And he wasn’t alone. “A mobile site is necessary and you need to have one no matter what your strategy is or what u are trying to achieve,” said Tony Giuliani.

However, Stephen Shelton and Brandt Dainow felt that a degree of strategic planning was required before the app vs mobile website discussion even hit the table.

Selecting a technology first and then looking to find a value to a business is wrong ended thinking,” wrote Shelton. “The decision to invest should be determined by clear business goals and ROI estimates. Selecting the right tool(s) for the job should always come back to business, not technology.”

“It really does come down to what you’re trying to achieve,” added Olivia Krowicka. “The answer to this thread isn’t ‘which is better?’ It’s more of a discussion on strategy vs. doing things for doing sake.”

See the full discussion here

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