This is the week that was: When Apple lost its core

It was the week where the world played hunt the Libyan dictator, Steve Jobs said a sad farewell to Apple and HP ‘did an IBM’. But whilst Arsenal’s defence slept, the world of B2B marketing was positively thriving.

‘Seismic Shift in Silicon Valley’ of the Week

There were big announcements a plenty as HP made public its plans to sell its PC business,bin the tablets and buy Autonomy, Britain’s biggest software firm. No big deal you may say. But as the biggest vendor of desktop and laptop computers, you’d think it was a move akin to Starbucks saying they were giving up flogging cappuccinos. Mimicking IBM’s sell off of its own PC business to Lenovo back in 2005, it’s a definite indication of HP’s direction of travel into the higher margin software space. Autonomy’s ‘meaning based computer technology’ has huge potential in an age where we’re awash with unstructured data (the likes of emails, social media posts, video, etc). HP hopes it’ll extend the company’s engagement in the enterprise space – and ultimately, profitability. We wait with interest to see what the branding strategy will be…  HP Autonomy (in the vein of HP Extreme) or goodbye Autonomy – a la the EDS acquisition.

Farewell of the Week

It was salty tears all round when Steve Jobs finally made it formal – and announced he was standing down from Apple. Jobs had overseen the transformation of the company from minor bit player to tech giant with one of the biggest market caps globally. Here’s Steve Job’s farewell letter and for those who missed it, his life story compressed into 2 minutes.

Lead nurturing advice of the Week

…goes to the splendid folk at MarketingProfs with their 5 tips for creating better lead nurturing campaigns. With the old adage ‘People don’t buy from companies they buy from people’ in mind, there’s some sound advice to take a personal approach – adding personality and humour where appropriate to drive engagement.

Gaping hole of the Week

It is the age old problem with social media – the difference in thinking between the sceptics and those confident in what social networking can do for your business. The old business model has changed, and social media needs to fit in as part of the new model, becoming an integrated part of any organisations thinking. That or you could be left far behind.

Social media tip of the week

LinkedIn is the Facebook among the business community. Whether you see it as your online CV or all your business contacts in one place, it is the most useful online tool for those looking to connect and network with their work life peers on a daily basis. However many seem to think that just having an account will do the job, and are not making full use of its potential. Here are some top tips of how to turn that around.

Social media hilarity of the Week
Must go to Eric Qualman’s new video – the Social Media Intern. Qualman was the author of Socialnomics – and the fantastic accompanying promo video the Social Media Revolution – so is well qualified on all matters Social Media. It’s out with the CMO and in with the Schmoo. Enjoy.

That was the week that was – topped off with a relaxing bank holiday. We hope you had a good one too.

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