How to get your website indexed by Google in a day!

If you work in a world where it’s important to get your (or a client’s) website indexed (listed) with Google quickly, then I’m sure you’ve Googled this many times and ended up at a page which allows you to submit a URL. I’m also sure that when you’ve done this, you’ve still waiting a good amount of time before your site is indexed.

The good news is that Google’s new service, Fetch as Googlebot, has been launched and it’s a fantastic way of getting a new website indexed. In your Google Webmaster tools, you will see the Fetch as Googlebot tool, which will allow you to fetch a website address as the Googlebot would and upon a successful fetch, you’re then able to submit the URL to Google for indexing and Google reports that in most cases it only takes a day to happen!


Now, that’s not all this is good for, if you’ve updated your website with fresh content or added new pages and want these additions indexed/crawled quickly, you can repeat the process – this is hugely useful as you may well imagine.

I’ve been known to say, over and over, that natural crawling is the best and I still believe this, but the fact that Google’s putting more time into this, makes me feel that it’s going to be safe for a while.

Here’s how to do it:

Inside Google Webmaster Tools, select “Diagnostics”, followed by “Fetch as Googlebot”. If the return is successful, you’ll see a “Submit to index” link, you can press this and move onto the next step. The next step asks if you want to submit just the one page, or all pages linked to it.

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