Do You Care If Google Has Your Information?

Simply put, Google stalks us. They use the information that we willingly give them to provide us with relevant search results, but also use that information for their own benefit by showing us ads that they hope that we will click on so that they can make some money.

Of course, Google doesn’t only stalk our searches, but stalks pretty much any Google feature that we use. Perhaps one of the most controversial is the fact that Google “reads” our emails in Gmail. If you have an email chain going with a group of friends and are planning a trip to the Bahamas for spring break, before you know it you’ll see ads for Bahamas vacation packages, hotels, and flights on your Gmail screen. Some people are freaked out by this and it’s even given them reason to leave the service.

To get a chuckle, do a search for the “Gmail Man” video. The fact that Google has access to personal information is an obvious concern for some, but what about the fact that they also have your business information? Specifically, should a business be worried about using Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool for website owners that provides them with key insights including website traffic, bounce rate, entrance keywords, and much more. The data can be very beneficial when creating and implementing an online marketing campaign. Since Google is the King of search, don’t you want to know what they have to say about the performance of your website? Some businesses are so concerned about privacy that they choose to use a different analytics tool, one that they need to pay for.

Is this a valid concern? Unless you have some pretty scary skeletons in your closet there is no reason to be worried about the fact that Google has your information. Is it really worth paying thousands of dollars a month for analytics? Unless you get millions of hits a day there is really no need to spend that kind of money since Google Analytics works just fine.

Why are people so afraid of that fact that Google knows their information? If you have nothing to hide, who cares?

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