5 key principles of mobile marketing

If you are an advertiser looking to mobile as a potential channel for the delivery of product offers, then make sure you take a look at “Mobile Couponing Guidelines” published by the Mobile Marketing Association in March 2011.

In this guide, MMA introduces the following five principles to the effective development and distribution of mobile offers to wireless devices and platforms:

  1. Honest, True and Fair: All coupons placed in the market for distribution must be honest and in good taste. Coupons should be conveyed in a truthful and not deceptive or misleading manner.
  2. Content and Placement: Good taste must always govern the content, placement and presentation of the coupon. All coupons should be prepared with proper consideration of the type of product being advertised and the audience to whom the advertising or promotions are directed.
  3. Transparency: The corporate name, product name, or trade name should be identified, clearly, prominently and visually. Developers, publishers or the advertised products corporate entity should have a mechanism in place for consumer feedback on the coupon. All rules that govern the promotion, i.e., expiration dates, limits, etc., should also be made clear to the consumer.
  4. Price and Value: All prices and values must be confined to specific facts and presented in a prominent, fair and accurate manner.
  5. Privacy and Security: Privacy should be respected and user consent, opt in, opt out and other user terms and conditions should be available.

For more about the Mobile Marketing Association, please visit http://mmaglobal.com.

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