The IKEA YouTube campaign is ingenious

IKEA offers a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at great prices. The store is hugely popular overseas and this results in great social up-take when they launch social marketing campaigns.

IKEA have launched a new social experience and this time it’s through YouTube. They kicked off the campaign with the following video:

The campaign goes on to launch a personalized 3D showroom on YouTube, which retrieves information from Facebook profiles belonging to visitors. What the YouTube video does is extract this information from the visitors Facebook profiles and builds them a room based on their information, which they feel would be hugely accurate and you can imagine why.

The reason this campaign is brilliant is because it uses your information to create the room and then attaches functionality to allow you to hover over the items in the room to read about them on IKEA. In other words, you can see the items you love in the IKEA shop, so IKEA has extracted what you like and is now showing you how to get them!

The only let down from what I could tell is that there isn’t a way to click a button and add all the items to a shopping cart on IKEA, that would be the closing loop to make what I feel would be one of the most incredible social campaigns I’ve ever seen. It’s still ingenious and I’m thoroughly impressed!

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