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I remember a period of blogging where social widgets were massive and the minute a new service launched so did a widget, which would be hugely accepted. These days social widgets are released when new initiatives take place, but the up-take isn’t as big and this is more than likely because there are just too many.

Including a Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and Google+ widget on your sidebar could easily use up around 1600px at least, which is a huge amount of real estate considering the fact that you will more than likely want some adverts, recent posts, recent comments and so forth.

Never the less, some widgets are released, which I feel are worth including and the hot one at the moment is Google+’s widget, Widget Plus. The primary purpose of the widget is to show users that you’re on Google+ and to allow them to add you to a circle. I added the widget to my sidebar so that you can have a look at it, alternatively you can see it below. I get added to circles fairly often, so for me it’s quite interesting to watch the number increase as I don’t spend too much time on Google+ itself. As you can see, I’m part of 447 circles.


There’s no super duper reason to add the widget that I can think of, sure, adding it to a new site will more than likely be an excellent way to get Google to your site and thus index you, but more than that it’s purely a making-connections device or a I’ve-got-more-than-you device ;)

The widget has a few extra features such as being able to show your stream and a statistics area, which is currently under construction, but I’m sure it’s going to be really interesting, I guess if you’re like me and love stats!

So, grab the widget over here and add it to your blog.

[Hat tip haydndup]

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