Non-Profit Marketing in Tough Economic Times

Because we’ve done everything from brand development and event planning to fully integrated marketing communications plans for non-profits, we’ve been asked to do a number of seminar presentations dealing specifically with how non-profits should market their brands. With the economy still struggling and money tight among consumers and corporations, non-profits need extra help maximizing their fundraising and positioning themselves in a very competitive non-profit environment.

So here are a few tips that have proved helpful for a number of non-profit organizations.

1. Make a CLEAR COMPELLING CASE when appealing to donors, potential donors and stakeholders. Historical data shows that donors will continue to give during tough times, and nonprofit organizations can continue to raise funds and attract volunteers when they talk about their programs and goals in this way.

2. Be sure you can answer these questions about your brand before creating your marketing strategy:

  • Who are you as an organization?
  • What do you do?
  • What makes your organization different than similar organizations?
  • Who cares about all this? Who are your key markets?
  • Is your difference compelling enough to motivate action?
  • What do you promise your target markets?
  • Can you deliver it?
  • Can you deliver it consistently?

3. Develop a message that’s clear, easy to understand, grabs attention and is substantiated. People don’t give just because there’s a need… they give when there’s a connection and when the message matters.

4. Develop great creative that:

  • Cuts through the clutter and gets noticed
  • Speaks for your organization with one voice
  • Delivers consistency and constancy for your brand

5. Avoid negativity… dire straights and catastrophes drive donors away.

6. Tell your story and talk about the people you help in a way that differentiates your organization from the other non-profits. Donors and volunteers want to know who you are before they become involved.

For non-profits, the most important thing to remember is that marketing the organization is more than fund development. It’s about building an organization that’s well-developed, well-defined and well-communicated. That’s the key to successful fundraising and recruiting as well as competitive growth.

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