This is the week that was: What of the future generation?

Despite the UK version of Big Brother bringing itself from the murky TV grave and the world economy continuing the get the odd bit of press for its catastrophic turmoil, the age old issue of A level results getting easier and the mad rush for University places dominated the headlines this week.

The up and coming generation of business leaders and buyers do not exactly have it easy, and it might not be a bad idea for us marketeers to do some thinking about how they, along with the tirelessly changing technologies they are using, will change the face of organisations in the future.

Until then we will look at the here and now, and what was going on in the world of B2B this week.

Technology flop of the week:

There is no skirting around the issue – Apple has the tablet market pretty much sewn up with the iPad. The greatest customer advocacy, the biggest App store and arguably the design most pleasing on the eye, has meant that in terms of sales they are wiping the floor with some of their competitors. So much so  that the powerhouse that is HP have declared themselves out of the race, withdrawing their tablet and the software that goes with it. Even more shocking, HP has announced they are leaving all hardware production behind in the pursuit of software development (along with other services). A wise decision? Watch this space

Marketing advice of the week:

You have heard it all before ‘We can create you a viral’. The truth is a video isn’t a viral until, well…it goes viral. The truth of the matter is the likes of ‘Charlie bit my finger’ and ‘Cat playing the keyboard’ are not an everyday occurrence, especially in B2B. Jesse Noyes of Eloqua does have some top tips on making your B2B video world famous, from making it timeless to adding in a bit of humour into the mix, something we tried to do with Vital Statistics for B2B Marketers.

Social media backlash of the week:

The number of slip ups companies have made that have been spread, and scorned, across social networks may put advertisers in an uncomfortable position when thinking about and pitching their ideas. Whereas in the past when you were unhappy with an ad you would have to write into a complaints commission (writing and letter and posting it…worth it?), today you can simply hop on twitter or Facebook and let the whole world know, causing a whole lot of brand damage. Nivea this week came across this exact problem…why? Take a look…

Sign of the times of the week:

The growing interest in social media has been bubbling over in the last couple of years, with any organisation worth their salt scrabbling to get on twitter to engage with their customers…and rightly so. There are of course, however, those who are still in the dark. Maybe the introduction of ‘retweet’ into the Oxford English Dictionary will change all that, and ensure social is here to stay.

 ‘It never really turned B2B’ of the week:

Here at Earnest we have a confession to make. We have always been a bit unsure about how useful the peoples favourite Facebook is in the world of B2B. Our conclusion is that maybe, in the UK especially, people are slightly too reserved, liking to keep their work and personal sides very separate. We do still beleive it still may have legs. Chris Koch this week has given his reasons why Facebook stinks for B2B marketing.

Infographic of the week:

Before Apple took dominance of the tablet market they were busy along with RIM and the Blackberry, changing the way we interact with our mobiles and ultimately the way we work in the office and on the move. This infographic shows the rise and rise of the mobile workforce.

Pub knowledge of the week:

Whether you fancy entering a quiz or are just short of conversation down the pub with your friends, this knowledge of how companies originally came into being may come in handy. Who would have known the marketing giant WPP started out making baskets?

The first week in our new digs just off Oxford Circus has been a good one, feel free to pop in and say hello if you are in the area.

That was the week that was. We hope you had a good one too.

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