Is Your Internet Marketing Strategy Annoying?

Internet marketers sometimes think the more content, the better off they will be. They think that they need to pump it out by writing multiple blog posts and articles a day and then promote them in social media by tweeting and posting links to Facebook 50 times a day and sending out an email newsletter every other day.

Even if you’ve hired a great staff of writers and content marketers and the content is of good quality- is it even being viewed, or are people getting sick of seeing your name everywhere? It’s important to stay top of mind, but you need to do it without being annoying. Sometimes it’s hard to know when you are crossing that line from being informative to being annoying and pushy. Constantly seeing a company show up in your social media feed or in your email, even though you have opted in, is kind of like getting a telemarketing phone call at 6:30pm as you were about to sit down to dinner with your family.

You don’t want to be “that guy”.

Here are 3 ways to find out if your internet marketing strategy is too aggressive:

Consider Your Marketing Reputation
Some companies, primarily discount retailers, are known for airing numerous TV ads and sending out lots of coupons in direct mail campaigns. They wouldn’t be doing that if it didn’t work. Obviously, their target audience has come to expect it and even rely on it to find out about new deals. If you operate a business that is known for this kind of advertising, it might make more sense to carry that philosophy over to your internet marketing strategy too. On the other hand, if you’ve never had an “in your face” advertising campaign before, you don’t want to have that approach online because it will probably diminish your brand value and reputation.

Test It Out
Try out a few different approaches in order to find the right formula. Gauge target audience behaviors to see how they are responding to your messages. Have conversions increased or decreased when you changed your strategy? Pay careful attention to the unsubscribe rates on emails or dips in social media followers. They could be telling you something. Usually it takes some trial and error to figure out what works best.

Just Ask
It never hurts to ask, right? Social media is about forming relationships, and relationships should benefit both parties. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your fans and followers and ask them what kinds of messages they’d like to receive and how often they’d like to receive them. In addition to getting some valuable information, you’ll get some brownie points for showing that you care and taking the time to ask.

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