Start Google Plus Adds Facebook and Twitter To Google Plus

Have you ever wanted to update all of your social networks from one place? Start Google Plus is a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome that does just that. It adds your Facebook and Twitter feeds into your Google Plus stream, and also allows you to update both social networks from within Google Plus.


Head over to to download the extension for your browser. Next, log into Google+ and authorise Twitter and Facebook via the Start Google Plus Extension. While the extension claims that Twitter and Facebook feeds are added into your Google+ stream, mine didn’t quite work out that way, and perhaps that’s a good thing, as you wouldn’t want an information overload.

The real functionality comes in by allowing you to update all three social networks at the same time. The extension adds buttons for Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to choose which social network you’d like to update. Enter an update in the status bar, and once you’re done you can choose which of the social networks and your circles you’d like to share the update with.

While this extension is a great idea, it would be particularly useful if Google+ were adopted and used by people on a larger scale. Perhaps keeping social networks separate is also a good idea, as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ each tend to move at different speeds, and combining them all into one stream could drive users crazy.

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