5 Conversion Elements to Help Any Website

A company website is the foundation of an online marketing strategy. Every link building tactic sends users to the website to find more information and hopefully, to convert. The goal of a website is to get visitors to take some sort of action, whether that is to purchase something, fill out a lead form, or sign up for services. This means that every component of the website needs to make it as easy as possible for the visitor to do so. You don’t want to lose out on potential business because your website wasn’t built for conversions.

Here are 5 elements that every website should have to increase conversions:

Phone number
This seems like a no brainer if a goal of your website is to generate phone calls. But, what if it’s not? Including a phone number still serves an important purpose, even if you want visitors to buy a product directly from the site. It helps instill trust. Customers like to know that they can easily contact you with questions or concerns before making any kind of commitment.

Lead Form/Check out on every page
Visitors should be able to fill out a form or buy a product on every page of the site. Never assume that people will click over to a conversion page or go back to the homepage. People are easily distracted while browsing the web so make it as easy as possible.

It’s important to have multiple ways for people to find the information that they are looking for. Most websites include a top level navigation but sometimes forget about the importance of the footer. Visitors and search engines scan from top to bottom. If you have lots of content on a page, don’t make them scroll all the way back up to the top. Provide them with an additional navigation at the footer.

Social Media Access
Twitter feeds and links to other social accounts like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn all provide additional sources of information for visitors. Seeing that you have an established social media presence and fans and followers can also contribute towards gaining trust.

Call to Actions
It never hurts to remind visitors why they are on your site in the first place. Sometimes people need some convincing before making the purchase. Clear, concise call to actions can give visitors the push that they may need to go through with it.

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